Weekend Water Retreats

Do you ever feel like you just need to reset? Our unique 3-day retreats are designed to help you create a profound change in your sense of health and well-being over the course of just one weekend. Our programs combine experiential learning, awareness exercises, group energy work, and our revolutionary water-based healing process called Hydrogenesis to help you release deeply stored tensions, reset your system, and tap into the wisdom and healing power that exists within your own body.  


1-Day Water Retreats

When you feel like you need a break, it can be tempting to turn to outside-in treatments to pamper and comfort your body. These treatments can feel wonderful, but the effects are often temporary. Our 1-day retreats are designed to create lasting change from the inside-out—to reset your system, create a strong sense of internal clarity, and ignite your body's own unique healing process through our revolutionary water-based healing process called Hydrogenesis.