Touch the Ocean

Here is a passage by James Nemec from his book Touch the Ocean. This perfectly describes the passion I have for working with others in the water:

"Working in the water is fascinating to observe. Sometimes a client would spin in the water and at other times, roll. Spinning occurs when a person is face up in the water and starts to spin on a horizontal plane. Rolling is a rolling forward, down and up again. Both are expressions of resonances -the deep spiral motions within our inner most chambers. Travel is going from one place to another in wide spirals or straight lines. While spinning a patient may begin to travel in the water. We just have to do our best to keep up at those times. What matters is the connection and quality of presence and resonance in the mutual blend.

When working in the ocean or in quiet water, keep in mind that the touch is light and allowing the waves and the currents and flows, even the winds and they sky over the water to make the corrections in a playful synchrony with the person in the water. Blending is paying attention to every slight foot fall, every hand hold, shift of wave water and current . One is working together in a mutual blend of harmony with the individual and then environment, moment by moment. As therapeutic facilitators we are willing to surrender to the waters of the ocean or whatever body of water we are working in, be it a mountain lake or swimming pool, and to the waters and flows within the individual's body. We are surrounding to it all, and yet alert. We are working the the outer environment and the inner environment at one and the same time. Nothing is forced. There are no rules. Here in the water the human heart is free. Perhaps it is an experience of the wildness of ourselves as spirit opening in nature. Motions can happen spontaneously as the craniosacral system opens and unlocks and the central nervous system flowers.

Sometimes motions don't happen at all. Floating can be a spontaneous event. One can float face up, or face down. It is a period of rest. Sometimes someone floats with no images arising, no dramatic releases , and this is peace of mind. Serenity. This is when a greater work begins and opens. And isn't this what we are all after- peace of mind."

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