The Healing Power of Water and Intention

Dr. Masaru Emoto has explored the healing power of water.  His stunning and beautiful short video demonstrates how water magnifies words and intention: 

The adult human body is composed of 60% water; the heart is 73% water; even our bones are 31% water according to the USGS Water Science School.  It is not a big stretch to think about how all of this water inside of the human body serves to magnify one’s thoughts, words, and emotions.

Read more to try an experiment with the water within your body and intention!

When we harness the power of the heart, mind, spirit, and the water that is naturally in the body to magnify an intention, the results can be truly magnificent.  We can do this consciously or unconsciously. Think about a time when you have been very focused on a stressful feeling (probably unconsciously). For example, recall a time when you were in a silent room taking a timed exam.  Can’t you just feel the tension! How does your body respond just now, recalling that experience? Do your muscles feel tighter? Is it a little harder to breathe?

Now recall a time when you were in a stunningly beautiful environment, feeling loved and love for life, completely at ease.  How does your body feel as you recall this memory or imagine what that would be like? Does your body feel more relaxed? Are you smiling?

The good news is you don’t have to take an expensive vacation to an exotic location to feel this way!  

Try this free and easy experiment to create any feeling state you would like to experience.  Do you recall the photos of the beautiful water crystals that were resonating with a positive word and quality in the Dr. Emoto video linked above?  Imagine hundreds of thousands of water crystals within your body resonating with the quality of “peace.” What effect might all of those water crystals holding a feeling of peace have on your mind, your muscles, your breathing, the way you feel emotionally?  The more you feel peaceful, the more you will think of things that bring you peace: serene memories, connections, and experiences will flood your mind. The ripple effect begins. Now imagine you are in a bathtub, hot tub, or pool … and the water molecules around your body now also begin to resonate with the water molecules within your body and your intention of creating the feeling of peace.  Peacefulness magnifies even more!

If you are stuck in a feeling of anxiousness, anger, hopelessness, worry, or boredom... take a few minutes to try this experiment.  Decide on a word or quality you would like feel, such as love, peace, joy, wonder, or connection. Draw a bath for yourself (or substitute for your favorite water environment, where you can relax entirely and not worry about drowning!).  Get comfy. Put anything in your environment that will support your feeling intention such as bubbles, candles, or music. Think of that word or feeling. Breathe it in. Breathe it out. Repeat over and over again. Focus your mind on the word, your emotions on the way that emotion feels, your body on your breathing, and your spirit on surrendering to the experience.  Think about the water crystals inside of your body resonating more with each breath in and out, more and more with that feeling. If you want to image a religious or spiritual teacher(s) helping you to fill up with this feeling, do so. If you want to imagine the feeling coming in with a color, do so. If you want to, imagine a place, a person, something that you do that evokes that feeling, an experience, or a memory that can magnify that feeling for you.

When you are satisfied with how strongly you feel the feeling, allow yourself to soak in that feeling.  Relax into it. Enjoy!

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