Head Heart Belly

What happens in your heart when you receive something your eyes enjoy seeing?

Practice closing your eyes. When you open them look around you and settle on something that catches your eye. Something of beauty or curious interest. Then, receive it. Do not go out to meet it, don't reach for it. Just allow it. Breathe out nice and slowly and open your arms wide as you receive the object. Bring your arms in to center and allow your hands to rest on your heart.

Can you now view the item from your heart? Imagine your eyes as the top of a periscope. But the actual viewing is from the heart. What can you feel? What physical sensation is in your body at this moment? To deepen any experience we can go to the center. Our heart is at the center.

To broaden any experience we need to develop a solid foundation, a stable base. Broad and sturdy. As you view the object from your heart, can you notice your belly? What sensation is in your belly just now? Can you imagine your belly supporting your heart? Our belly is home to many nerve endings and can lead the way for intuition and a solid foundation for the wisdom that is in the heart.

Taking the time to be present with your mind leads to increased awareness. The mind is everywhere, not just our brain. It is in our head, our heart, and our belly. And the belly will support the heart which governs the head. Our entire body responds to the wisdom of this trio.


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