Clearing and Recharging Baths: A Mini Life-Death-Rebirth Ceremony.

As we open up to the grace and beauty of life, sometimes it washes through us in such a brilliant way that it flushes out the darkness. Along with the grace, there can be moments of anxious energy or uncomfortable feelings, infections and pimples that bubble up through the skin, or literally a clearing out of the pipes (having to go to the bathroom a lot) that coincides with reconnecting to your true essence.

Clearing baths are a great way to assist in assisting things to flow through without having to hang onto the discomfort. You can have a mini life-death-rebirth ceremony by taking a bath.

What you will need:

1 cup Epsom Salts

1 cup Baking Soda

Bath tub / shower combination


Any meaningful essential oils, meaningful stones or crystals, candles, soft music

We all know baths can be a great way to relax.  Epsom salts bring in magnesium into the muscles, which help them to to release muscle tightness and soreness.  Baking soda helps to pull out toxins.  If you feel so moved, by adding prayer and intention, this bath can also clear your mind, body, emotions, and energy field.

Prepare your warm bath water. Add epsom salts, baking soda, and if desired essential oils and/or crystals if desired. If you would like, place you hands into the water.  Pray to whom you pray to, and ask that the water and minerals help to clear your body, your muscles, your cells, your energy field.

As you get into the bath water, remind yourself of the health, vibrancy, vitality, beauty, and strength that you have within you, your relationships, the things you appreciate. Picture all of these things in your mind's eye. Feel the vibrancy and aliveness within you and around you. Bless all of the goodness and feel your gratitude for what is working in your life.

Then begin to feel the water doing it's work, seeping in, pulling out the toxins. Think of what you would release and say in your mind or out loud, "I lovingly release ____________." Then let the thought go. Enjoy the water, the music, the candles, the sensations and relax.

When you are done soaking, follow by a warm or hot shower.  Feel the water coming in.  If you feel moved, pray for the new energy to replace what you have cleansed.  Invite in love, alignment, harmony, or a very specific affirmation, such as “I am now aligned with the right people, situations, and resources to manifest my perfect life!” If you just completed one of our Hydrogenesis retreats, you may want to use the affirmation you chose during that time to continue that work.

Then briefly, if you dare, turn the water to a cooler temperature for just a minute or two. Feel the vitality of the cool water. End your shower with warm or hot water again until you feel comfortable..

To me this feels almost as good as visiting a hot springs!

Please comment on your experience, or share or link some of your favorite ways to flush out discomfort and reconnect.

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