What's with the water?

Under the right conditions, water can have extraordinary healing properties. Your body is 60-90% water at any given time, and your nervous system formed in water, so it makes sense that it feels good to submerge your body in water—gravity loosens its hold, the noise around you melts away, and your body is able to relax more thoroughly. When the outside world drops away, your experience moves inward, and your body, your mind, your awareness open up to a new potential for healing.

Discover the power of Hydrogenesis.

Our work combines the sensory deprivation and the deepened awareness that comes from being submerged in water with the profound supportive influence of guided Somatic Intention to open an entirely new potential for your body. Our process actually empowers your body to work with the water around it, moving and shifting in sync with your inner fluids to release deep strain patterns, stored trauma, and injury fulcrums. By releasing these deep stored tensions, your body is able to reconnect with its internal "blueprint" of health, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed with a profound sense of calm and mental clarity. 

This transformative process is what we call Hydrogenesis. 

I just felt like all of the hands holding me blended together into one large hand... It was like my body just went back into alignment in the water. 


USMC Vet, Yoga Instructor

Lakewood, CO